CODEL International Ltd design and manufacture cutting edge instrumentation, primarily, for monitoring emissions to atmosphere, road tunnel environments and plant and rail safety. Our aim is to design advanced, well-engineered equipment that provides reliable operation coupled with a low costs of ownership.

With over 30 years’ experience in the control and instrumentation sector, we are constantly developing new and innovative products; this is coupled with continuous improvements of our existing ones. CODEL offers a range of analysers and sensors that meet industry’s rigorous environmental and safety requirements.

Our products form a wide range of instrumentation from low cost dust monitors through to fully automated and integrated emissions monitoring systems. In addition to this extensive portfolio we are innovators in the field of road and rail tunnel pollution and flow monitoring. With over 500 road and rail tunnel installations we are recognised as a market leader in this sector.

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Tunnel Emission Monitoring Tunnel Emission Monitoring
Tunnel sensors designed to accurately monitor the key measurements within the tunnel
Stack Emission Monitoring Stack Emission Monitoring
Reliable & accurate stack emission monitors for Gas, Dust & Flow measurement.
Safety & Performance Monitoring Safety & Performance Monitoring
Crucial safety analysers offering early detection of fire and energy saving performance monitors