CODEL offer a range of analysers suitable for large combustion plants for measuring Gas, Dust and Flow.

Gas Analyers
CODEL’s range of stack emissions gas analysers are suitable for a wide variety of processes, primarily combustion , offering measurements of CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL and H2O. Our multi-channel stack emission monitors can operate as fully integrated and automated CEMs systems or as stand-alone process control monitors.
Dust Monitors

Our range of particulate monitors including Tribo-electric and Opacity sensors are installed on a variety of applications. These include burst bag detection, monitoring smoke density on small boilers through to large combustion plant processes and incineration plats. Our particulate monitors have a proven track record of reliability and accuracy throughout the world.

Flow Monitors
The CODEL VCEM 5100 flow monitor utilises a correlation technique that allows direct measurement of mass flow without contact with the flue gas. These ultra-reliable sensors which require very little maintenance and can operate at gas temperatures up to 10000 Celsius. They are available as either a stand-alone monitor or as part of a fully integrated emission monitoring system with CODEL gas and particulate monitors.
SmartCEM is a complete solution for continuous emission monitoring. Taking data from our emissions monitors, our package offers automation calibration, data graphing, data logging diagnostic tools and automatic report generation in one fully integrated package.