CODEL offer a range of analysers suitable for small combustion plants for measuring CO, Opacity, Dust and Performance.

CO Monitoring
CODEL provides carbon monoxide monitors for monitoring boiler performance primarily to establish if stoichiometric conditions re being maintained and to improve energy usage.
We supply a range of Opacity monitors that monitor smoke density in stacks. These will alarm at a set point, normally 20%
A comprehensive system for monitoring package boiler performance. This system provides real-time and historical data for diagnosing boiler performance issues.
Dust Collector
Most industrial processes involve collecting waste particles in a bag house; these unit have rows of filter bags that trap the dust. Unfortunately, they are prone to bag failure and consequently to sending nuisance dusts up the stack. CODEL have a range of tribo-electric dust monitors that give early warning of bag failure; they are low cost and be installed by site maintenance staff.