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Stack Emission Monitoring
products_stack_thumbMonitoring stack emissions is a fundamental requirement for most industrial processes. Our gas analysers, dust monitors and flow monitors are designed for a wide range of applications and can operate as a fully integrated system or as stand alone instruments.
Tunnel Emission Monitoring
products_tunnel_thumbOur road tunnel monitors are designed exclusively for road tunnel applications. It offers a family of tunnel sensors that provide all the essential measurements necessary to monitor the tunnel atmosphere.
Safety & Performance Monitoring
products_performance_thumbOur range of safety analysers can offer early detection of fire / explosive conditions. From CO monitors for pulverising coal mills to UV flame and smoke detectors installed on oil rigs and cross-channel passenger shuttles.
Marine Sensors
products_performance_thumbCODEL’s range of stack emissions gas analysers are suitable for a wide variety of processes offering measurements of CO, NO, SO2, CO2, NO2, CH4, HCL and H2O. Our multi-channel stack emission monitors operate as fully integrated and automated CEMs systems or as stand-alone process control gas monitors.