CODEL tunnel sensors are designed exclusively for road tunnel applications. Our range of sensors provide all the essential measurements necessary to monitor and control the tunnel atmosphere.
Available as stand-alone sensors or integrated into a network system, CODEL’s tunnel sensors are installed in over 350 road and rail tunnels worldwide.
Tunnel Craft 3 Air Quality Monitor
tc3_800pxThe TunnelCraft 3 Air Quality Monitor (AQM) uses infrared light and visible light to measure carbon monoxide and visibility in a single compact instrument.

CO & Visibility
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Tunnel Craft 3 NO2 Monitor
no2-large-cut-800pxThe NO2 Air Quality Monitor is a highly efficient transmissometer configured for the continuous measurement of nitrogen dioxide in road tunnel atmospheres.

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Tunnel Craft 3 Air Flow Monitor (s)
afm-s_webThe TunnelCraft 3 Air Flow Monitor (AFM-S) is CODEL’s industry proven low-cost precision tunnel air flow monitor manufactured in stainless steel.

Air Flow
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TunnelCraft 3 Illuminance Photometer
illuminanceThe TunnelCraft 3 Illuminance photometer monitors the average luminance within a tunnel in accordance with Commission Internationale de l´Eclairage.

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Tunnel Master AQM Visibility Monitor
aqm2-800pxThe TunnelMaster Stainless Steel Visibility Monitor (VIS) monitors the Visibilty within the tunnel and is an essential part of any road (or rail) tunnel safety system.

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Tunnel Master Cold Smoke Monitor
aqm2-800pxThe TunnelMaster Cold Smoke Monitor (CSM) is an essential part of tunnel safety, the CODEL CSM detects smoke from a fire rapidly to warn the operator of the hazard.

Cold Smoke
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